Greatest Strength Lyrics

Greatest Strength Lyrics By Hiroaki Tsutsumi & Toft Willingham & Chez & Jessica Gelinas

Hiroaki Tsutsumi 、Toft Willingham、Chez、Jessica Gelinas – Greatest Strength Lyrics

Jujutsu Kaisen 0 the Movie Original Soundtrack

Nobody knows what have happened

There’s no way out

You don’t see at all

What’s right for you to do

Well let’s start and now

Take a deep breath

You’re moving forward

Deciding not to look back

Your weakness is your greatest strength

Make it to the end

You’ll see you won’t be alone

You will know it’s the right place to be

Don’t be afraid to fall

Cause the world will take you

You can trust them with all your heart

You will find that you can do anything

You do the way as it should

Cause they make you ready

You can do it

You are the one